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CF to IDE Bridge Controller
General Description
The JL4002A is a highly-compatible, low cost CF to ATA disk interface (IDE) bridge controller, which integrates CF interface, IDE interface, and 3-wire serial interface for device controller can download CIS data CIS RAM. In True-IDE mode, it can support PIO mode up to mode 4, Multiword DMA up to mode 2, and Ultra DMA mode up to mode 4 transfer.

Compliant with CF+ and Compact Flash Specification Revision 3.0
Support all CF modes: Memory, Contiguous IO, Primary IO, Secondary IO, and True IDE modes
Support PIO Mode 4 in True IDE mode
 Support Multiword DMA Mode 2 in True IDE mode
Support Ultra DMA Mode 4 in True IDE mode
Support 8-bit/16-bit data transfer on CF data bus & 16-bit access on IDE data bus
Compliant with ATA/ATAPI-6 Specification
Special serial interface to be controlled by device controller
Embedded Task-File registers are provided for host accessing and device controller checking
Embedded internal 256 bytes of CIS RAM
Built-in oscillator circuit using external 20 Mhz crystal
Embedded PLL
Support power saving function for device
Dual clock outputs (1x and 0.5x of crystal frequency)
3.3V, 96 Flip-chip package


Compact-Flash+ Type II Micro-drive Card
IDE/Compact-Flash Adapter



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