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Multimedia IC

Multimedia Controller
General Description
JL4227B is a low cost multi-media SOC. It integrates a JPEC decoder, an image processor, and a rich set of storage devices including MS, MS-PRO, SD/MMC. It also supports xD/SM memory cards or NAND Flash. It provides a dual role port of USB2.0 that can access USB devices, such as pen drive or output pictures/image data to PC. JL4227B allows image display through Analog TFT-LCD panel or TV with GUI interface. It provides rich image process functions to improve display quality.

l       USB Interfaces
n           Provides one dual role port of USB2.0
n           USB2.0 host function
u         High-speed/full-speed USB 2.0 host function
u         Supports Mass-Storage Class (MSC)
n           USB2.0 device function
u         High-speed/full-speed USB 2.0 device function
u         Control/interrupt/Bulk pipes
u         Supports Mass-Storage Class (MSC)
l       Storage Media
n           SD/MMC Interface
n           Memory Stick/Memory Stick PRO Interface
n           Supports on-board MLC/SLC NAND Flash
l       Display Feature
n           Embedded a 3-ch video DAC for TV display or analog LCD panel.
n           Embedded TV Encoder (NTSC/PAL) to output CVBS (Composite Video)
n           Built-in one TCON
n           Built-in one PWM for LED backlight control, or charge pump circuit
l       OSD Feature
n           Font-based OSD
n           Graphic-based OSD
l       JPEG decode
n           Supports photo resolution up to 16,384 x 16,384 pixels
n           High-speed JPEG compression/decompression rate: 27M Pixel/sec
n           Supports baseline and progressive formats
n           Supports thumbnail decoding
l       Decode BMP picture format
l       Video Playback
n           File FormatSupports Motion JPEG only
n           Video Frame RateQVGA@60fpsVGA@30fps
n           Supports video scaling and Picture-In-Picture functions
l       SDRAM interface
n           Supports 16-bit SDRAM up to 128Mb
l       Image Display Functions
n           Preview, Slide Show, Zoom, Pan, Rotate, and so on
n           Image Rotation: 0, 90, 180, or 270 degree in clockwise or counter-clockwise direction
n           Image scale function to fit screen
n           Picture-In-Picture display
n           Advanced 2D edge enhancement
n           Supports dynamic Gamma adjustment
n           Provides Brightness, Saturation, Hue adjustment
l       Embedded Turbo 8051
n           Firmware booting from Serial NOR Flash
n           Supports ISP Function: Upgrade the system firmware directly from memory cards or USB port.
l       Provides I2C, UART, and SPI interfaces
l       Built-in RTC
l       Built-in one 8-bit ADC for battery detection or other applications
l       Remote control
l       Package
n           128-pin LQFP 


l       Digital Photo Frame (DPF)
n           Viewing Photos (JPEG)
l       DPF with Clock/Calendar

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