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VGA Digital Camera Controller
General Description
JL2005C is a low cost and highly integrated DSC controller. It consists of CMOS image sensor interface, image processing, image compression engine, low battery detect, status LCD interface, DDR/SDRAM interface, UART port and USB1.1 interface. JL2005C supports most popular VGA sensors. It provides dual-mode operation, DSC mode and PC CAM mode. It is designed to fulfill the requirements of digital camera applications.
The JL2005C integrates excellent image processing features such as AE, bad-pixel cancellation, image compression engine. In DSC mode, it stores the compressed image data to an external SDRAM. In PC-Camera mode, the compressed image data is downloaded to PC though USB interface.

‧ Dual mode operation
‧ Supports CMOS image sensor with CIF, VGA resolution
‧ Auto bad-pixel cancellation
‧ AE measurement
‧ Built-in compressed engine
‧ Support 8/16-bit DDR/SDR SDRAM up to 128Mb (16Mb, 32Mb, 64Mb, 128Mb)
‧ SDRAM chip test and downgrade SDRAM address remapping
‧ Status LCD controller
‧ Embedded turbo mode 8051 with ISP function
‧ Built-in 24K bytes mask ROM
‧ Supports external ROM
‧ USB1.1 interface
‧ Provides multi-function GPIOs
‧ PWM waveform generator for mechanical shutter and flash light control
‧ Low battery detect
‧ 100-pin LQFP package/COB (Chip On Board)


‧  Low Cost SDRAM DSC
‧  Web CAM

Application Pictures



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