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5M Digital Camera Controller
General Description
The JL2185A_V2 is a high image quality, high integrated, and low cost SOC for Digital Still Camera (DSC) and entry level Digital Video Camcorder (DVC) applications. It is targeted at the application of DSC resolutions up to 16M pixels. It has embedded with video input interface, high quality image processor, face-detection engine, JPEG codec, audio codec, memory card controller, video output interface, and USB 2.0 High-speed controller with embedded transceiver to make a low cost DSC/DVC easy to be realized.
The JL2185A_V2 is capable of storing JPEG compressed pictures on storage media devices such as SD/MMC memory cards, SLC/MLC NAND flash, and serial NOR flash. It also supports such as TV display, LCD panel display, audio recording and playback, and face detection. Fully supporting major DSC/DV peripherals, customer can design DSC/DV system with minimum cost.

l       Image processor
n           Support CMOS sensor up to 16MP
n           CCIR601/656 video signal input
n           High-performance face detection and tracking, object-tracking
n           Advanced image processing engine with color-shading, lens-shading correction, adaptive anti-alias color interpolation, adaptive 2D edge-enhancement, adaptive 2D noise-reduction, auto bad pixel cancellation and AE/AWB/AF/Histogram measurement
n           8x digital zoom for still image capture
l       Video Codec
n           Support baseline JPEG codec compression and decompression.
n           Support Motion JPEG for AVI capture and playback at 30 fps @VGA
n           4x digital zoom for video capture
l       Audio Codec
n           8/16-bit PCM, 4-bit IMA-ADPCM coding/decoding
n           Embedded one ADC for audio recording, battery detect
n           Embedded one DAC for audio playback
n           Provide I2S interface
l       LCD/TV display
n           Support 8-bit memory bus and serial-RGB interface LCD
n           Support both NTSC/PAL composite video output with integrated TV encoder and video
n           Support 8-bit CCIR601/656 output interface
n           Graphic-based OSD
l       Storage Media
n           Support serial NOR flash and SLC/MLC NAND flash
n           Support MMC/SD/SDHC up to 32GB
l       CPU system
n           Embedded turbo CPU
n           Watch dog timer
n           Support ISP function
n           Booting from serial NOR flash or NAND flash
n           Provide one UART interface
l       USB Interface
n           High-speed USB 2.0 device function with embedded transceiver
n           Compliant with Mass-storage class, Video class, PictBridge protocol
l       SDRAM System
n           Support 16-bit SDR SDRAM up to 256Mb
n           Small SDRAM buffer required
l       Built-in RTCPLL, power MOS and Power-On-Reset circuit
l       Power management
l       Package
l       128-pin LQFP


l High resolutions DSC 

l Pocket DSC/DV

Application Pictures



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