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Multimedia Controller
General Description
JL4229A is a highly integrated multimedia controller targeted for Digital Photo Frame with digital LCD panel through LVDS interface. It is capable of reading/playing the photo (JPEG), video (Motion JPEG), and audio (MP3/WMA) from memory cards and internal NAND Flash. All of your favorite digital photos can be played back in slide show or in still display while MP3/WMA music is playing back. There are various slide transition effect are added between each photo slide. All of above playback doesn’t need the use of PC. It can read/write the files from/to different kinds of memory card such as USB Pen Drive, CF/Microdrive, SD/SDHC, MMC/MMCplus, XD, and NAND Flash. Besides photo frame function, JL4229A can be used as USB Card Reader thru USB Device port (MassStorage).

l  Embedded 8-bit 8051 MCU

 Ø  Firmware is booted up from either Serial NOR Flash or SLC NAND Flash memory.

 Ø  Support in-system programming (ISP) Function

l  Program Boot-up Source

 Ø  Serial NOR Flash

 Ø  SLC NAND Flash

l  Display

 Ø  Integrated TCON

 Ø  Support Digital (LVDS) LCD Panel

 Ø  Embedded LVDS Transmitter to convert 28-bit data into 4-pair LVDS data stream

 Ø  Built-in one PWM for LED backlight control, or charge pump circuit

l  OSD

 Ø  Font-based OSD

 Ø  Graphic-based OSD

 Ø  Supported LanguageEnglish, 正體中文, 簡體中文, 日本語, Deutsch, Français, Español, Italiano, Nederlands, Русская, Português, Dansk, Ελληνικά, Norsk, Svenska, Suomi

l  Photo Playback


  ü  Support baseline and progressive JPEG

  ü  Support photo resolution up to 16,384 x 16,384 pixels

  ü  High-speed JPEG compression/decompression rate: 27 mega pixels per second


  ü  Support Windows V3 and OS/2 V1 header

  ü  Color Depth24 bits per pixel

l  Video Playback

 Ø  Support Motion JPEG only

 Ø  Audio formatPCM FormatADPCM Format

 Ø  Video resolution and frame rateQVGA@60fps, VGA@30fps

l  Audio Playback

 Ø  MP3 / WMA

 Ø  Support MP3 Lyrics and ID3 Tag

 Ø  8/16-bit PCM, 4-bit IMA-ADPCM audio codec

 Ø  I2S interface for external audio DAC to drive earphone or speaker

l  Storage Interface

 Ø  CompactFlash Interface

  ü  Comply with CF+ and CompactFlash Specification Revision 3.0

 Ø  IDE Interface

  ü  Comply with ATA /ATAPI-6 Specification Rev 2.0

  ü  Support PIO mode 0~4, Multiword DMA mode 0~2, and Ultra DMA mode 0~5

 Ø  SD/MMC Interface

  ü  Comply with SD 2.0 (backward compatible to SD 1.1)

  ü  Comply with MMC 4.0 (backward compatible to MMC 3.x)


 Ø  SmartMedia and xD Interface


  ü  Comply with SmartMedia v1.0

  ü  Comply with xD-Picture Card v1.2

 Ø  SLC/MLC NAND Flash Memory

  ü  Support 1-bit ECC per 256 bytes (Hamming Codec)

  ü  Support 4-bit ECC per 512 bytes (RS Codec)

l  USB Interface

 Ø  Support Mass-Storage Class for both Device and Host interface

 Ø  USB 2.0 Device

  ü  High Speed and Full Speed USB 2.0 Device with embedded USB PHY

 Ø  USB 2.0 Host

  ü  High Speed and Full Speed USB 2.0 Host with embedded USB PHY

l  Image Display Functions

 Ø  Preview, Slideshow, Zoom In / Out, Pan, Rotate, and so on

 Ø  Image Rotation: 90 degrees in clockwise or counter-clockwise direction

 Ø  Excellent image scaling engine

 Ø  Picture-In-Picture display

 Ø  2D Edge Enhancement (Image Sharpness)

 Ø  Gamma Correction, Brightness / Contrast Adjustment

l  SDRAM interface

 Ø  Support 16-bit SDRAM up to 16Mx16 bits

l  Provide UART, SPI-master and I2C-master serial interfaces

l  Integrated RTC

l  Integrated IR Decoder

 Ø  Support NEC Transmission Format

l  Embedded 12-bit ADC for low battery detection or other application

l     Package216-pin LQFP (24x24mm)


l  Digital Photo Frame (DPF)

 Ø  Viewing Photos (JPEG)

 Ø  Viewing Movie (Motion JPEG AVI)

 Ø  Listening to MP3/WMA music

l  USB2.0 Card Reader

l             DPF with Clock/Calendar/Alarm


l         Data Sheet

l         DM

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