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Multimedia Controller
General Description
JL4203A is a multi-media system on chip (SoC) designed and developed by Jeilin Technology, Taiwan. With LCD of different size, JL4203A can be applied to make digital photo frame. Jeilin Technology will provide complete system design to allow client or distributor enter easier and earlier the digital photo frame market.
JL4203A digital photo frame can play back photos (JPEG), movie (Motion JPEG), and music (MP3) from memory card or built-in memory. This will allow user to directly view and share photos and listen to music without developing the photos for viewing later. JL4203A digital photo frame has added many functions that traditional photo frame does not have, for example, auto slide browsing, music playing in the background while photo browsing, transition effects while photo browsing, clock, alarm clock, and calendar. All these functions can be achieved without using a computer.

l     USB Interface
Ø           High-speed USB 2.0 device function with embedded PHY
Ø           Supports Mass-Storage Class (MSC)
Ø           Supports PictBridge interface (direct picture print)
l     Storage Media
Ø           CompactFlash Interface
Complies with CF+and CompactFlash Specification Revision 3.0
Ø           IDE Interface
u          Complies with ATA /ATAPI-6 Specification Rev 2.0
u          Supports PIO mode 0~4, Multiword DMA mode 0~2, and Ultra DMA mode 0~5
Ø           SD/MMC Interface
u          Complies with SD 2.0
u          Complies with MMC 4.0
Ø           NAND Flash/XD/SmartMedia Interface
l     Display Feature
Ø           Embedded four 10-bit video DACs: one for TV display and three for analog LCD panel.
Ø           Embedded TV Encoder (NTSC/PAL) to output CVBS (Composite Video).
Ø           Supports analog RGB TFT-LCD panel
Ø           Supports 8-bit CCIR601/656 input and output interfaces
l     OSD Feature
Ø           Font-based OSD
Ø           Graphic-based OSD
l     Audio Feature
Ø           8/16-bit PCM, 4-bit IMA-ADPCM audio codec
Ø           AC97/I2S interface
Ø           Embedded 2 channels of 8-bit ADC for voice record and battery detect
l     MP3 Feature
Ø           Built-in MP3 decoder engine
Ø           Supports both ISO 11172-3 and ISO 13818-3 layer III audio decoding
Ø           Supports 8 KHz, 11.025 KHz, 12 KHz,16 KHz, 22.05 KHz, 24 KHz, 32 KHz, 44.1 KHz, 48 KHz sampling rate
Ø           Ten-band equalizer with 64 steps for -20 to 20 dB gain.
Ø           Photo slide show with MP3 background playback.
l     JPEG codec
Ø           Supports photo resolution up to 16,384 x 16,384 pixels
Ø           High-speed JPEG compression/decompression rate: 27 Mega pixels per second
Ø           Supports non-progressive JPEG
Ø           Supports baseline JPEG format
Ø           Supports thumbnail decoding
l     Video Playback
        Ø          File FormatOnly Support Motion JPEG


l     Digital Photo Frame (DPF)
Ø           Viewing Photos (JPEG)
Ø           Viewing Movie (Motion JPEG AVI)
Ø           Listening to MP3 music
l     USB2.0 Card Reader
l     DPF with Clock/Calendar


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