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Games camera 打獵相機控制器
General Description

     The JL2233A is a high integration, high performance, and low cost SOC for Digital Still Camera(DSC) and entry level Digital Video Camcorder(DVC) applications. It consists of CMOS image sensor interface, high quality image processor, face-detection engine, image stabilizer, JPEG codec, audio codec, memory card controller, video output interface, and USB 2.0 Hight-speed interface.

     The JL2233A is capable of storing MJPEG videos and JPEG compressed pictures on most popular storage devices such as SD/SDHC/MMC/eMMC, SLC/MLC NAND flash, SPI NOR flash, and SDRAM. It also supports a wide range of display devices, including analog TV output, and LCD panel interface. Fully supporting major DSC/DV peripherals, customer can design DSC/DV system with minimum cost.



  • Fixed lens Dsc
  • VGA DV
  • HD DV
  • Application Pictures



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