Jeilin Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 1992 and has engaged in ASIC design and service since 1998. Jeilin is dedicated to the research and development of high value-added "custom designed" integrated circuits (ICs) for improving the quality of human life. We believe that good images lead to good life.

In 2000, Jeilin started to develop the first own-brand ASIC, the scanner controller, and achieved great success. Jeilin supplied about 5-million units of scanner ASICs, which were about 20 % market share of the world. Since then, Jeilin has developed many important core technologies such as JPEG CODEC, USB Device Controller, High-Performance Image Processor, DSC controller, Memory Card Interface Controller, IDE Interface Controller, TV Encoder, and MPEG-4 CODEC, etc. With these core technologies, Jeilin has successfully promoted cost-effective solutions for customer's products such as PC Camera, Web Camera, DSC, Photo Card Reader and Digital Picture Frame.

Jeilin now is one of the top-leading non-fab IC design houses and continues her research and development on high value-added ASICs. The products are applied in four major areas, DSC, portable multimedia player, portable storage devices, and surveillance. To provide customers with the most cost-effective solution is always the aspiration of Jeilin.


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